LED uniform light sources

Integrating sphere light source with LED illuminants (white, RGB-coloured, NIR).

LED based uniform light sources with white, RGB-coloured and NIR LEDs. Variable output control and monitor detectors.

Uniform light sources with LED illuminants
Model Image Sphere Diameter Light output port Calibrated spectral range / nm Light source Output range Remark
ISS-8P-RVA-ROD 0 ISS 8P RVA ROD vorne 80 mm Remote 15 mm Ø 360 - 830 nm R 632nm, G 520nm, B 449nm, W R 1.99 cd/m2, G 2.01 cd/m2, B 1.98 cd/m2, W 2.00 cd/m2 Light field projected 200 mm in front of sphere. E.g. suitable for use with climatic chambers