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The XD-45-HB-4 irradiance detector is specially designed for the evaluation of Blue light exposure hazard values for artificial light sources. The four sensor design of this unique device covers the requirements for eye risk assessment. It supports a number of standards and regulations:

  • IEC 62471:2006 and EN 62471:2008
  • 2006/25/EC
  • IEC TR 62778:2014

Three Sensor B(λ) Design 

The Blue Light Hazard spectral responsivity for eye risk evaluation is formed by three filtered sensors for the BLUEUA300-400, BLUE400-600 and BLUERED600-700 spectral ranges. The IEC/EN 62471 conformal B(λ) detector is useful for evaluation of any type light source that contains UV-A and deep red light content. 

Additional Illuminance Sensor 

An extra V(λ) photometric sensor for illuminance measurement in lx is installed to establish the 500 lx reference distance protocol for illuminance and/or radiance qualification. All four filtered sensors are mounted behind a 20 mm diameter cosine diffuser. 

Traceable Calibration 

Calibration of the B(λ) (W/m²) and Ev (lx) detector responsivity is performed by the Gigahertz-Optik GmbH calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurements quantities. As with all light detectors supplied by Gigahertz-Optik calibration of absolute detector responsivity as well as detector individual measured relative spectral responsivity data is included. 

Steradian Tube for Radiance 

The optional XD-45-HB-SRT200 steradian tube is a unique tool for product qualification measurements of blue light hazard at the recommended distance of 200 mm. The tube attaches to the front of the XD-45-HB detector head and includes two exchangeable aperture plates to form a 100 mrad (20 mm diameter) and 11 mrad (2.2 mm diameter) field of view as stated in IEC 62471:2006 and EN 62471:2008 limit values. The tube is made out of light weight plastic with internal baffles and low reflection coating to reduce side wall stray light traversing down the barrel. The XD-45-HB-SRT200 steradian tube is an optionally available detector accessory component. No extra calibration is required. 

Recommended Optometers 

For applications involving steady state light the X13 optometer is recommended. For unstable or short event light the optometer P-9801 should be selected.
XD-45-HB B(λ) 3-sensor detector - typ. spectral responsivity
XD-45-HB V(λ) Detector - typ. spectral responsivity

B(λ) detector useful for evaluation of any type light source that contains UV-A and red light components. Set-up with three photodiodes with optical filter correction forming the actinic BLUEUA300-400, BLUE400-600 and BLUERED600-700 spectral sensitivity conform to IEC 62471:2006 and EN 62471:2008. Fourth detector with V(λ) photometric sensitivity for the measurement of illuminance in lx.

Field of View

20 mm diameter diffuser, 11 mrad and 100 mrad with front adapter XD-45-HB-SRT200

Measurement range

B(λ) (Σ of all 3 cells): effective irradiance 0.02 mW/m²  to 100 W/m² (max. resolution 2 µW/m²)

spectral irradiance responsivity range

B(λ) (300 - 400) nm: effective irradiance 2 µW/m² to 100 W/m² (max. resolution 0.2 µW/m²)

B(λ) (400 - 600) nm: effective irradiance 20 µW/m² to 1000 W/m² (max. resolution 2 µW/m²)

B(λ) (600 - 700) nm: effective irradiance 0.05 µW/m² to 2 W/m² (max. resolution 0.005 µW/m²)

Illuminance measurement range (integral measurement)

V(λ): Illuminance 0.2 lx to 1,000,000 lx (max. resolution 0,02 lx)


45 mm diameter, 30 mm high


200 g


Specifications stated for  X1-3 meter including detector

*) The maximum measureable signal value may be limited by heat radiated by the source under test

Connection cable

cable length 2 m, with ITT (-4) connector for the usage with X1-3

Type Description File-Type Download
Datasheet XD-45-HB PDF
Produktname Product Image Description Show product
X1-3 Optometer for the measurement of UV and Blue-light hazard of artificial radiation source.

Features: for usage with XD-45-H type detectors, compatible to standards IEC/EN 62471 and EN 14255-1 as well as guidelines 2006/25/EC and IEC TR 62778, mobile, battery operation, USB interface.

Article-Nr Modell Description Request / Compare
15298011 XD-45-HB-4

Detector head, protective cap, calibration certificate

15300580 K-Si-SR

Calibration of relative spectral responsivity from 250 nm to 1100 nm

15300577 K-FOV

Calibration of cosine field of view function

15311981 KP-XD45HBX1-E-I

Option: DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 Test Certificate (DAkkS).

Integral irradiance in the wavelength range from 300nm to 700nm and illuminance. In combination with X1 optometer.

15300460 K-XD45HB-I

Re-calibration of irradiance responsivity with calibration certificate

15311980 KKP-XD45HBX1-E-I

Factory Calibration Certificate with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 Test Certificate.

In combination with X1 optometer.

15298007 XD-45-HB-SRT200

Front tube with 2.2 mm and 20 mm aperture adapter

15298008 XD-45-HB-SRT200-2.2

Adapter with 2.2 mm aperture

15298009 XD-45-HB-SRT200-20

Adapter with 20 mm aperture

15309267 XD-45-HB-SRT200-Al

Front Adapter with exchangeable 2.2 mm (11 mrad) and 20 mm (100 mrad) apertures. Tube manufactured of aluminum including black inner coating. Suitable for higher temperatures at measurement location.