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Integrating sphere models UPK-30S60-L feature a unique stretched design specially made for the measurement of side emitting fibers up to 40mm long. Elongation of the ODM98 coated sphere from 30mm diameter to a length of 60mm eliminates the need for a large diameter sphere. Its unique collar baffle design avoids direct illumination of the detector by the side emitting fiber. The detector port provides an interface for direct mounting of Gigahertz-Optik’s PD-11, TD-11 and VL-11 type light detectors and UFC-11 type fiber light guide connectors. The recommended useful wavelength range of the stretched integrating sphere is from 250 nm to 2500 nm. Gigahertz-Optik’s calibration laboratory offers traceable spectral radiant power sensitivity calibration in the wavelength range from 250 nm to 1800 nm. 

The model UPK-30S60-TT is equipped with a test tube guide that prevents the side emitting light guide from contacting the internal integrating sphere coating. The test tube can be removed for cleaning.
Integrating Sphere UPK-30S60-TT


Sphere diameter

30 mm x 60 mm (long axis)

Measurement Port Diameter

Stainless steel adapter with 2mm hole

Detector port

1 x UP-DP-11 (PD-11, TD-11, VL-11, UFC-11) Up to three more UP-DP-11 in +/-90° position can optional supplied


M6 and 1/4” threaded holes

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Datasheet UPK-30S60-L PDF
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VL-1101 Photometric detector head with VL-11 mount.

Features: modular detector for use with integrating spheres, front lenses etc. For use with optometers and signal amplifiers

PD-11 series Detector head with DP-11 mount.

Features: modular detector for use with integrating spheres, front lenses etc, Si, SiLP, InGaAs, SiC, GaP photodiodes, for use with optometers and signal amplifiers

UFC-11 Fiber adapter for use with UP and UM type integrating spheres.

Features: SMA, FC, SC and ST connectors.
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15297145 UPK-30S60-L

30 mm x 60 mm stretched integrating sphere. ODM98 coating.

15296833 UPK-30S60-TT

30 mm x 60 mm stretched integrating sphere with test tube. ODM98 coating.


Optional detector port on request