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Halogen lamps emit a lot of heat radiation due to their low efficiency. To reduce the heating of the integrating sphere, the LS-IS-1.5-CFF is equipped with cooling fins and a fan. The LS-IS-1.5-CFF can be fitted with a 5Wto 100W halogen lamp of LH-xxF type. The lamp is rise into the integrating sphere so as to optimize the luminous flux into the sphere. The LS-IS-1.5-CFF is attached onto the UMPF-1.5 frame.

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UMPF Port frames for the hollow spheres of the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: Different diameters. Frame with V-groove for accessory mount.

LPS-100 Precision power supply for lamps up to 100W.

Features: PWM power supply for the precision operation of halogen or other lamps in constant current mode. The 16 bit D/A converter enables very accurate current setup and adjustment. For stress free switch on/off, the operation current is controlled with adjustable ramps.
LH-xxF Halogen lamps.

Features: For use with light sources and calibration standards. UV and UV-stop bulbs. Frosted and non-frosted. Pre-aged.

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101456 LS-IS1.5-CFF

Lamp housing, socket and fan