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LPS-250 Single channel 250W, 24V Lamp Power Supply

The LPS-250 is a microprocessor-based power supply for the operation of lamps up to 250W requiring high resolution controllable with very low noise operating current such as calibration standard lamps and auxiliary lamps. It is set-up for full remote control operation in CW mode via its RS232/RS485 interface. Its design includes a high resolution 16 bit digital to analogue converter for precise current control. For lamp filament protection it offers a time adjustable on/off ramp function. The LPS-250 can be manually controlled with its front panel buttons with active display. Combined with the BTH19/2 bench top housing a stand alone power supply to operate the BN-LH250 spectral irradiance calibration standard lamp can be set-up.
LPS-250 front panel
LPS-250 rear panal
Short description

Precise frequency modulated power supply for constant current operation of tungsten halogen or other lamps in remote control operation. Low ripple signal.

Main features

16 bit DAC current control. Time set able on/off ramp. RS232 or RS485 Interface. Display and buttons for Manual operation. Housing for 19 Inch rack installation. Software development kit.

Measurement range


typical applications

Precision lamp power supply for calibration lamps up to 250 W.


Current factory calibration

Output power


AC-supply (160 - 240) VAC: 270 W / (0 - 15) A / max. 26 V
AC-supply 85 VAC: 150 W / (0 - 15) A / max. 26 V


AC-supply (100 - 240) VAC: 270 W / (0 - 15) A / max. 26 V             
AC-supply 85 VAC: 220 W / (0 - 15) A / max. 26 V

Output Interfaces

banana plug 4 mm

Resolution of output current

0.3 mA

temperature range

± 0.3 mA/°K


± 1 mA (60 minutes after switch on output current constant for 8 hours by constant environment)


LCD-Grafic display 97x32 pixel:
Size: 14.3 mm x 35.8 mm
LED backlight: switch on/off
Text display: 4 lines each 14 chars

Key pad

3 keys:



up/light on/off

Control Input

(4 – 30) VDC, input resistance 20 kOhm, opto coupler isolated, plug 2.1 mm/5.0 mm

Power Supply

(85 - 240) VAC

(50 – 60) Hz (output power derating!)

Inrush current

22A (115VAC), 40A (230VAC)


Standard: RS232

Optional: RS485

Safety class


temperature range

Operation: (10 to 35) °C (with free air flow)

Storage: (-10 to 50) °C


3 kg

Type Description File-Type Download
Datasheet LPS-250 PDF
Produktname Product Image Description Show product
BTH-19 Bench-top and rack housing for 3HE rack modules.

Features: The bench-top housings are available in half, third or full 19” widths. Power supply modules for (110-230) V, 50/60 Hz with low DC voltages for both external devices and those within the housing.
S-SDK-LPS Software Development Kit for LPS variants (power supply).
Article-Nr Modell Description Request / Compare
101092 LPS-250

Power supply module for 115 to 230VAC. Rack-mount housing

15296949 LPS-250A

Power supply module for 90VAC main voltage. Rack-mount housing

15298224 S-SDK-LPS

Software Development Kit for the implementation of a LPS or variants into custom made software

101136 BTH-19/2

Bench top housing for LPS-250 module. 1/2 19” width