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LPS-20 Single Channel LED Power Supply

The LPS-20 is a microprocessor-based current and voltage source especially designed for the operation of LEDs, OLEDs and other light sources requiring high resolution, very low noise operating voltage and current that is controllable and measureable. It is set-up for full remote control operation in CW or Flash mode via its RS232 or alternative RS485 opto-coupler isolated interface. DLL and Labview VI are available. Its design includes two high resolution 16 bit digital to analog converters for precise current and voltage control. It can be operated either in constant voltage or constant current mode. The variable (current or voltage) can be measured with a high resolution ADC.  Beside the continuous mode the output of the LPS-20 can be controlled for a defined time (single pulse) with rise time as short as 500µs (load dependent). A standard version with defined maximum output current level is supplied: 


max. 1500mA with 30µA resolution
max. 24V with 0.5mV resolution
Short description

High precision controller for constant-current or constant-voltage remote operation of LEDs. Linear controller for low noise Operation.   

Main features

16 bit DAC for the current or voltage control. 16 bit ADC for the current or voltage measurement. Change between voltage and/or current mode without spikes for very fast current or voltage limiting. Sense Input to measure the foreward voltage direct at the test LED (Four contace measurement) CW or pulse mode. RS232 or RS485 remote Interface. Software development kit. Housing for 19 Inch rack use.

Measurement range

LPS-20-1500: max. 1500 mA (30 µA resolution). max. 24V (0.5 V resolution).

LPS-20-1000: max. 1000 mA (20 µA resolution). max. 24V (0.5 V resolution).

LPS-20-100: max. 100 mA (2 µA resolution). max. 24V (0.5 V resolution).

LPS-20-10: max. 10 mA (0.2 µA resolution). max. 24V (0.5 V resolution).

typical applications

LED current or voltage driver in LED Testsystems in CW or pulse measurement mode. See System excamples TFCT25, TPI21-TH 



Power Supply

(7 - 28) VDC

DC input connector

Phoenix MC15/2GF

Output current

Max. 1,5 A, other current ranges on request

Output Voltage

max. 24V or (DC input voltage - 4V)

max. internal power

7W (input voltage - output voltage) · output current

DC output connector

Phoenix MCDN1.5/6

Accuracy of output current

± 0.1 %


± 60 µA LPS-20-1500

± 40 µA LPS-20-1000

± 4,0 µA LPS-20-100

± 0,4 µA LPS-20-10

Accuracy of output voltage

± 0.1 % ± 1 mV

Resolution of output current

30 µA LPS-20-1500

20 µA LPS-20-1000

2 µA LPS-20-100

0,2 µA LPS-20-10

Resolution of output voltage

0.5 mV

Rise time

output current or voltage (10-90) % (also valid for pulse operation) at load resistance: 10R: 500 µs, 100R: 2 ms, 1000R: 20 ms

temperature range


± 30 µA LPS-20-1500

± 20 µA LPS-20-1000

± 2 µA LPS-20-100

± 200 nA LPS-20-10



± 0.5 mV/°K


± 150 µA LPS-20-1500

±100 µA LPS-20-1000

±10 µA LPS-20-100

±1uA LPS-20-10

±0.5 mV

for 8 hours (60 minutes after switch on of output current by constant environment)

Accuracy of current measurement

± 0.1 %

± 60 µA LPS-20-1500

± 40 µA LPS-20-1000

± 4 µA LPS-20.100

± 0,4 µA LPS-20-10

Accuracy of voltage measurement

± 0.1 % ± 1mV

Resolution of current measurement

15 µA LPS-20-1500

10 µA LPS-20-1000

1 µA LPS-20-100

100 nA LPS-20-10

Resolution of voltage measurement

0.1 mV

ADC conversion time

100 ms (Option 1: 20 ms) for voltage or current measurement

Pulse values

pulse on time: (1 - 999) ms
pulse off time: (1 - 999) ms
number of pulses: 1 - 999

Accuracy of pulse on/off time

2 % ± 0.5 ms




blinking: DC input voltage present
continuous: output switched on


continuous: error

Control Input

internal pull-up resistor 10 kOhm to +5 V
option 1: Input 2 replaced by signal SCL

Control Output

MOSFET switch to GND, 0.3 R, max. 32 V, max. 1 A
option 1: Output 2 replaced by signal SDA


RS232 / RS485: 19200 Bd, 8D, 1S, N
optocoupler isolated

temperature range

operation: 10 °C - 30 °C (with free air flow)
storage: 5 °C - 50 °C


105 mm x 126 mm x 45 mm (3HE, 9TE)


350 g


12 month

Type Description File-Type Download
Datasheet LPS-20 PDF
Produktname Product Image Description Show product
BTH-19 Bench-top and rack housing for 3HE rack modules.

Features: The bench-top housings are available in half, third or full 19” widths. Power supply modules for (110-230) V, 50/60 Hz with low DC voltages for both external devices and those within the housing.
S-SDK-LPS Software Development Kit for LPS variants (power supply).
Article-Nr Modell Description Request / Compare
15297596 LPS-20-1500-RM

Power supply module. Output current controllable up to 1500 mA.

Other current ranges on request.

15298224 S-SDK-LPS

Software Development Kit for the implementation of a LPS variant into custom made software