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ISD-1.6-Si and ISD-1.6-Si-FC: 16mm Ø Integrating Sphere Detector for Laser Power

Compact Size Integrating Sphere Detector 

The ISD-1.6-Si integrating sphere detector employs a 16 mm diameter Barium Sulfate (ODP97) coated integrating sphere with 3mm measurement port and a Silicon photodiode. 

Direct Irradiation of Fiber Connector 

The ISD-1.6-Si-FC is designed for applications where both the power and spectral distribution of Laser diodes must be measured. High resolution spectrometers are needed to measure the narrow spectra Laser diodes so the FC fiber connector is placed opposite the measurement port of the integrating sphere to allow direct irradiation of the fiber for maximum radiation input to the spectrometer. 

Traceable Calibrations

Calibration of spectral radiant power sensitivity in W is performed at Gigahertz-Optik’s Calibration Laboratory for Optical Radiation Quantities
ISD-1.6-Si-FC Principal Design
ISD-1.6-Si Typical Spectral Responsivity

Factory calibration of the spectral sensitivity of the photodiode for radiant power. Traceable to PTB calibration standards

Sphere diameter

16 mm

Size input optic

3 mm

spectral range

(400 - 1100) nm



Rise time

100 ns

Max. signal current

1 mA

temperature range

Application: (10 to 30) °C

Storage: (-10 to 50) °C


The device must not be exposed to high humidity. Range 20% ~ 70% RH not condensing.

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Datasheet ISD-1.6 Si PDF
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P-9710 High-quality device for measurement of CW-, single pulse and modulated radiation.

Features: Optometer for all detector heads with calibration data plug. Measurement modes: CW, pulse energy, dose, peak-to-peak, effective luminous intensity (Blondel-Rey), data logger, battery, main power, RS232
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15297950 ISD-1.6-Si-FC-1

Integrating sphere detector including calibration. Plug type 1.

15297948 ISD-1.6-Si-FC-2

Integrating sphere detector including calibration. Plug type 2.

15297949 ISD-1.6-Si-FC-4

Integrating sphere detector including calibration. Plug type 4.

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