PLL-1701 - High-speed transimpedance log/lin amplifier with internal integrating sphere


With its new high-speed transimpedance amplifier PLL-1701 Gigahertz-Optik offers a versatile solution for use with either external photodiodes or its internal integrating sphere and detector combination. This compact device incorporates both logarithmic and linear amplifiers and can provide an analogue voltage output or a digitized output of the input signal current. Application software is included and an SDK is available for full integration and automation.

The PLL-1701 offers nine linear amplifier stages each with an identical rise time of 16µs. The maximum input current is 1mA and output signals can be up to +/- 5V. Additionally, the PLL-1701 offers a single-range logarithmic amplifier which can be used for applications with very fast dynamic fluctuations such as fast positioning tasks or pulsed light sources with very wide dynamic ranges. The voltage output of the Analogue/Analogue mode (AA) is suitable for use with oscilloscopes and other data acquisition systems (e.g. datalogger). The PLL-1701 also offers an Analogue to Digital Conversion mode (ADC) in which the input current signals are digitized by the internal processor and output via RS422 and USB 2.0 interfaces.

Data analysis is done with either the included application software or the available Software Development Kit (SDK). Evaluation routines for light flicker assessments (including PstLM, SVM, flicker frequency, flicker index) are already implemented in the software and also in the SDK and can thus be used directly. Therefore, the PLL-1701 complies with international standards for temporal light modulation (TLM) applications including the EU Ecodesign Directive, CIE TN006:2016, and NEMA 77-2017. Furthermore, the PLL-1701 has an internal integrating sphere with an extended range InGaAs photodiode. FC-terminated fibers can be directly connected allowing their power (A/W/nm) to be measured in the spectral range from 400-1550nm. The InGaAs photodiode signal is also output in both AA and ADC modes. .


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