The new BTS2048-VL is a spectral colorimeter designed for precise LED flash binning and is ideal for logging of the intensity, spectrum and color of sea-flares

LED binning, in terms of the photometric and colorimetric specifications, requires spectral colorimeters that can ensure precise measurement values within very short measurement times synchronized with the process and that support fast data read out. The new BTS2048-VL from Gigahertz-Optik meets all the requirements for precise LED flash binning.

As stipulated by the EU Guideline 2007/23EG, a CE marking and approval by the so-called Notified Bodies are compulsory for pyrotechnic flares. Outside the EU, approvals by respective authorities e.g. the United States Coast Guard are obligatory. Logging of the Bengali flame in terms of its intensity and color is part of the test procedure. The BTS2048-VL spectral colorimeter is not only well suited for this application through its high measurement speed, but also through its compact housing with a tripod socket and its measurement optics that does not have susceptible light guides.

For more information on this device, go to BTS2048-VL.