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Calibration services are available for other light meter manufacturer’s products as well.

But in order to perform the work some important information  must be provided including:  

  • Spectral sensitivity
  • Signal range
  • Measurement units
  • Old calibration certificate

If this data is available a comparable calibration such as KDW-S, -I or –P can be done.

In cases where this information is not available a one-time set-up procedure for the first calibration must be established. This means our experts must analyze the instrument by measuring it’s spectral sensitivity, field-of-view geometry and other parameters. After this evaluation the instrument can be calibrated.

Note: This calibration may only confirm the correlation or non-correlation between an input and output quantity. An actual adjustment of the meter for direct reading is not always possible since calibration adjustment procedures differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Where a simple potentiometer adjustment or an eprom with open data format for programming the correction factor is used, we can supply the calibration and adjust for direct reading.

Over the last 29 years we have re-calibrated many manufacturers’ light meters. A price list of the regularly calibrated units is available on demand. The list includes the:

  • Part/model number
  • Manufacturer
  • Job description
  • Annual recalibration plan.


If your specific instrument is not listed please contact the factory to see if it can be calibrated or to discuss the feasibility and cost involved to perform the one time pre-calibration product qualification.  



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Calibration of other manufacturers’ standard light meters. Please contact the factory for price & description list or to discuss
your special calibration requirements.