Integrating sphere construction kits

by Gigahertz-Optik GmbH

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Modular integrating spheres - perfectly matched to your technical requirements


Haken GHOrot   The UM series allows you to implement your paricular requirements

Haken GHOrot   We offer you an affordable solution for your specific application

Haken GHOrot   Based on standard components

Haken GHOrot   For measurement applications that require custom configurations



Just a few clicks and a minimum time-to-cost ratio for your bespoke integrating sphere

The modular system of Gigahertz-Optik GmbH offers you a wide range of options for the configuration planning of your integrating sphere. For this reason, we have compiled for you all important hints, tips and tricks for you in our "Modular integrating sphere concept" document.

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Haken GHOrot  In addition, please familiarize yourself with the following design criteria for integrating spheres:

Design Criteria for Integrating Sphere Detectors, ISD

Design Criteria for Integrating Sphere Sources, ISS and

Design Criteria for Integrating Spheres for Material characterisation (transmission, reflection, absorption), ISM


Haken GHOrot  A wide range of accessories and options are available for each sphere or sphere assembly. These are listed on the product’s web page under "Configurable with".



Base spheres and accessories for the modular design of integrating sphere configurations with diameters from 100 mm to 1000 mm

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Haken GHOrot Please now have a look at the different integrating sphere modules as well as our standard sphere configurations below.


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Example configuration


Example configuration


Example configuration


Example configuration


Example configuration


Example configuration