Spectral radiant flux / luminous flux calibration standards

Standard lamps calibrated in luminous flux and spectral radiant flux. Versions with 2-Pi and 4-Pi emission characteristics. Traceable calibrations in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 2500 nm.

Tungsten halogen and deuterium lamp based spectral flux / luminous flux calibration standards.  2-Pi and 4-Pi.

Calibration standards - Spectral Radiant flux
Model Image Lamp type CCT (typ.) Wavelength range / nm Operating current Spectral Radiant flux (typical) Light Output port Remark
BN-LHSF-2P-20 BN LHSF 2P 21.70 100 W tungsten-halogen 3100K

(380 -830) nm

Option (280 - 1100) nm

8.000 A

0.245 mW @ 360 nm

5.440 mW @ 830 nm      

20 mm Ø 2-Pi Spectral radiant flux with hemispherical (2-Pi) irradiation
BN-LDSF-2P Seitenansicht BN LDSF 2P2 30W deuterium n/a

(200 -400) nm


0.245 mW @ 360 nm

5.440 mW @ 830 nm    

2-Pi Mounts directly on integrating sphere port