Integrating sphere construction kit

A universal kit for the custom configuration of integrating spheres and integrating sphere light sources. The use of standard components provides cost effective and timely implementation. Complete solutions for measuring systems and integrating sphere light sources.

Integrating sphere construction kit design criteria.

Integrating sphere construction kit concept

Configuration notes: Openings are made in the base sphere according to the specifications below and into which the port frames are held.Kit4

Basic sphere configurations comprise a base sphere with apertures with and without port frames, detector ports, baffles, stands and other accessories.

Base Spheres
Model Image Sphere Diameter UMPF port frame Ø min. (mm) UMPF port frame Ø max. (mm) UMSS Stand UMPF Port baffle Coating Material Remark
UMBB-100 UMBB 100header3

100 mm / 4 inch

12.5 25.4 Post or Bench BaSO4


UMBB-150 UMBB 150header

150 mm / 6 inch

12.5 50.8 Post or Bench BaSO4


UMBB-210 UMBB 210header

210 mm / 8.5 inch

12.5 76.2 Post or Bench BaSO4


UMBB-250 UMBB 250header2

250 mm / 9,8 inch

12.5 76.2 Post or Bench BaSO4


UMBB-300 UMBB 300header

300 mm / 12“

12.5 101.6 Bench BaSO4


UMBB-500 UMBB 500header

500 mm / 20 inch

12.5 152.4 Bench BaSO4


UMBK-130 UMBK 130.78

130mm / 5.1 in

12.5 50.8 Post or Bench ODM98

ODM98, Thickness 10mm

UMBK-190 UMBK 190.74

190 mm

12.5 76.2 Post or Bench ODM98


UMBK-280 UMBK 280.82

280 mm

12.5 101.6 Bench ODM98


UMTB-170 UMTB 170header

170 mm / 6.7 inches

12.5 50.8 Fixed Socket BaSO4


UMTB-500-HF umtb500

500 mm / 20“

12.5 152.4 Hinge-frame BaSO4


UMTB-1000 UMTB 1000header

1000 mm / 40 inches

12.5 254 Frame BaSO4


UMTB-1000-HF umtb1000h

1000 mm / 40 inches

12.5 254 Hinge-frame BaSO4


UMTK-80 UMTK 80.85 12.5 25.4 Frame ODM98
UMTK-150 UMTK 150.74

150mm / 6 in

12.5 50.8 Fixed Socket ODM98

ODM98, thickness 10mm

Portframe Accessories for attachment to port frames for functional expansion of the integrating sphere.

Port frame accessories
Model Image Description Remark
UMPP upp Port plugs for UMPF port frame. BaSO4 and ODM98 coating Flush finish with spherical inner surface
UMPA umpaf Port adapter for attaching optical fibers, optics, fiber optic sockets, etc. to port frames
UMPA-1.5-HL-MB umpahl Features: For attaching the LINOS microbank from the company QIOPTIQ.
LS-OK30 umpfsok30 1 External light source for halogen lamps. Modular system. 5 - 100 W lamp power
LS-OK30-FH Filter holder for LS-OK30 Only for temperature-resistant filters
LS-OK30-HPA Breadboard damping filter for gradual damping
LS-OK30-D65 D65 Correction filter for halogen lamp LS-OK30
LS-OK30-VA lsok30 Manually adjustable aperture for LS-OK30 Fine resolution. High light blocking
LS-OK30-VAR Motorised aperture for LS-OK30
FWVA-170-6×2-RM Motorized filter changing wheel with integrated aperture for LS-OK30 Very high intensity dynamics in connection with HPA filters
LS-IS1.5 Internal light source for halogen lamps 5 -100 W lamp power
LS-OS1.5-LED1 External light source can be equipped with up to 24 LEDs in a 5 mm housing. Usable with NIR LEDs
LS-OS1.5-LED3 External light source can be equipped with up to 7 Golden Dragon or Star LEDs. Heat sink with active airflow

Examples of integrating sphere light sources configured from the integrating sphere construction kit.

Configuration examples of integrating sphere light sources
Model Image Illuminated field Ø Sphere Light Source Stand Remark
UMBB-300-BT-S-1-3 UMBB 300BTS header 101,6 mm 300 mm BaSO4 3 x UMPF1.5 1 x UMPF-LS-OK30 Bench-top Configured integrating sphere without light sources
ISS-17-VA ISS 17 V2.77 50 mm 170 mm BaSO4 Halogen lamp 12V/100W Bench-top ED-ISS-100-MD control electronics in 3/4 19“ rack mounting.
ISS-30-VA ISS 30 VA V01 webheader 76,2 mm 300 mm BaSO4 1 x LS-OK30 with lens and manual controlled LS-OK30-VA table frame Integrating sphere source with 100 mm diameter output port with very high luminance uniformity and manually adjustable intensity.
ISS-50-LU-FE ISS 50 FRP005 1 webheader 500 mm Hemispherical 500 mm BaSO4 3 x LSOK30 with manual iris. Filter change wheel for all three lamps. Table frame with manipulator for positioning the camera in the cone center White balance for compact super wide angle and fish-eye cameras at three different color temperatures.

Examples of integrating sphere optical radiation sensors and detectors configured from the integrating sphere construction kit.

Configuration examples of integrating sphere detectors
Model Image Measurement Port Sphere Detector Stand Remark
UMBB-100-D-SEP umbb 100d 10 mm with guide sleeves 100 mm BaSO4 UMPF-0.5 Detector port Post Detector application for laterally radiating fibers.
ISD-15P-VL ISD 15P VL.71 38.1 mm Ø (UMPF-1.5) 150 mm ODM98 Photopic; f1 ≤ 5% Socket Long-term stability synthetic coating of sphere and baffles
TPI21-TH TPI21 TH header1 76.2mm hemispherical protective window 100 mm BaSO4 BTS2048-VL-TEC Z-axis motor driven LED luminous flux test system with adjustable operating temperature

Examples of integrating sphere for optical material properties configured from the integrating sphere construction kit.

Configuration examples of integrating spheres for material analysis
Model Image Sphere Measurement geometry Sample holder Light source Detector Remark
UMBB-210-M-C20 UMBB 210 M C20 header 215 mm / BaSO4 Slide & Fix sample holder Diffuse sample illumination Cuvette 20mm diameter Prepared for external halogen light source LS-OK30 FC fiber connectors Measurement of spectral absorption bands of petroleum products.
ISMP-50-R-V01 ISMP 50 R V01.90 500 mm / BaSO4 8/d geometry 2856K +/-20K Photopic; f1 ≤ 6%