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In order to avoid production wastage due to insufficient curing of the adhesives, the UV dose for curing must be set and checked using suitable measurement technology. Only by regular UV radiometric measurements can falling intensity resulting from lamp aging or contamination be identified and adjusted for. UV radiometers allow UV irradiance levels and exposure times to be optimized as well as provide process data for quality management purposes.


UV radiometers that are suitable for measurements of UV curing processes have to meet many requirements in order to offer consistently reliable values:

• Responsivity only in the actinic spectral range of the photoinitiator to ensure the exclusive measurement of the effective radiation.

• Measurement of the UV dose as close as possible to the product surface to measure the effective irradiance.

• Sufficiently large dynamic range for precise measurement results at different intensities.

• Minimal aging of the sensor itself resulting from exposure to high UV intensity levels.

• Minimal influence of temperature on the measurement result.

• Safe handling to protect the user from harmful UV radiation.

• Traceable calibration of the measuring devices for use in accredited processes.

Product description

 RCH-108-4 Irradiance detector for UV medium pressure lamps

 The RCH-108-4 model has all the features and characteristics of the RCH-Series of detectors that was specially developed for use in UV curing applications:

• The spectral responsivity of the RCH-108 detector offers narrow-band UV-A coverage from 350 nm to 380 nm (with 365 nm peak).

• The detector offers good suppression of radiation outside the specified spectral sensitivity range.

• The largely flat spectral sensitivity profile ensures the uniform evaluation of different wavelengths.

• Very thin sensor with a height of only 8 mm.

• Linear measuring range from 1 mW / cm² to 40,000 mW / cm².

• UV and temperature resistant sensor element with cosine field of view function.

• UV filter and photodiode decoupled from the high UV intensity and temperature exposure of the sensor element.

• Good UV radiation protection in use due to the 25cm distance between the sensor and the detector’s handle.

• Traceable calibration by the Gigahertz-Optik measurement laboratory with factory calibration certificate and optional DAkkS DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 test certificate.

Measuring device X1-1

The X1-1 measuring device accepts the signal from the measuring head RCH-108-4 and displays it as irradiance in absolute measurement units mW / cm². The high-quality signal amplifier of this measuring device supports the very large dynamic range of the detector and thus offers a measuring range from <1 mW / cm² to> 40,000 mW / cm². In addition to irradiance, dose can be determined in J / cm². The ergonomic housing of the device with two AA batteries supports mobile use. Alternatively, the X1-1 device can be operated via its USB interface. Application software for PCs is available along with a software development kit (SDK) that enables integration into user-written software.


Reliable measurement values in absolute units require calibration of the measuring device that can be traced back to a National Metrological Institute. The calibration of the Gigahertz-Optik UV radiometer is confirmed with a factory certificate that fully documents the calibration procedure performed in the Gigahertz-Optik calibration laboratory. Optionally, a DAkkS DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 test certificate can be provided.

Mobile UV radiometer for the measurement of UV-A irradiance from UV medium-pressure lamps.

Typical spectral sensitivity of the RCH-108 detector

Safe handling thanks to a distance of 25 cm from UV radiation.

Principle representation: 1) detector RCH-108-4 2) sensor element 3) rod made of stainless steel with light guide 4) handle with UV photodiode and spectral correction filter 5) X1-1 measuring device 6) UV radiation

Short description

UV radiometer for measuring the irradiance of medium pressure lamps in UV curing.

Main features

Mobile instrument with separate detector. Large safety distance between the handle and the radiation sensor of the detector. Battery and USB operation.

Measurement ranges

Narrow band spectral responsivity 350 nm to 380 nm (with 365 nm peak) with good delimitation within the UV-A spectrum.
Linear measuring range from 1 mW / cm² to 40,000 mW / cm²

typical applications

UV curing

Type Description File-Type Download
Datasheet X1-1-RCH-108 PDF
Produktname Product Image Description Show product
RCH-xxx Series UV detectors for measuring the irradiance in UV curing
Article-Nr Modell Description Request / Compare
15297052 RCH-108-4

Detector with rigid light guide. Cable -4 type connector. Calibration with calibration certificate.

15298890 X1-1

Messgerät, 2 x 1.5 V AA Batterien, USB Kabel, Handbuch

15295239 BHO-05

Hardcase for X1 type instrument and  one RCH-1 type detector. 

15300363 K-RCHn08-I

Calibration with Certificate

15300671 K-X11-C

Current calibration and adjustment of Gigahertz-Optik´s optometer X1-1 by use of a calibrated current source. Calibration certificate.

15298167 S-X1

User software for  X1 Optometer.

15298071 S-SDK-X20

Software development kit for software implementation of the X20 electronic into custom made software. Support X1-1, X1-2, X1-PCB.

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