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Photometry to determine optical material properties 

Optical material properties is a general term used to refer to the reflection, transmission and absorption properties of a material. Photometry hereby refers to a measurement process through which material properties as well as photometric measurands are determined using a photometer.

Integrating sphere photometer 

The integrating sphere is very common in both broadband and narrow-band photometric applications for diffuse sample illumination and detection of the reflected and transmitted light proportions.

UPB-150-ARTA precision integrating sphere 

With the 150mm diameter, the UPB-150-ART provides a good compromise in terms of precision of the sphere function and level of the measurement signal. Its production from a solid aluminum block ensures a very precise alignment of the measurement ports to each other. Another characteristic property are the thin circumferential knife-edges of the measurement ports that enable a high acceptance angle for diffuse light.

Multifunctional integrating sphere 

The UPB-150-ARTA is ideal for multiple functions thanks to its five knife-edged measurement ports that can be used either while open or closed and the sample holder for cuvettes and sample glasses. The possible measurement setups include:

  • Absorption
  • Photoluminescence
  • Organic electroluminescence
  • 0°/d reflection
  • 8°/d reflection with and without glamour
  • 0°/d directed and diffuse transmission
  • Measurements substitution correction
  • Two-ray measurement setups
  • Luminous flux measurements

Accessories for individual sphere assemblies 

Port plugs and port reducers that can easily be fixed and removed using the Slide & Fix holder are offered for either closure or reduction of ports. An important feature of the UPB-150-ARTA is that the front side of the port plugs and reducers projects into the port and is on the same level as the sphere surface.

Universal sample holder for the measurement ports 

The sample holder is fixed and slid onto the posts of the Slide & Fix holder and ensures secure mounting of thin and thick samples. An important feature of the Slide & Fix system is that it can be combined with port reducers and a light trap.

Light trap with Slide & Fix holder 

The light trap has a 30mm input port and ensures minimal back reflection over the entire usable spectral range of the integrating sphere through its internal design and black absorbing coating. The Slide & Fix holder can be used to combine the light trap with port reducers and the sample holder.

Quick-change holder for detectors and light guides 

Removable adapters are offered for mounting of detectors and light guides. Detector adapters for reflection, transmission and luminous flux set-ups are equipped with a baffle that can be aligned to one of the five measurement ports accordingly. The detector adapters for absorption, photoluminescence and organic electroluminescence have a baffle aligned to the center of the sphere. The UMPA port adapters of our modular integrating spheres can hereby be used.

Sample holder for cuvettes and small sample plates 

In order to perform absorption measurements in fluids, the UPB-150-ARTA can be equipped with an axially revolving sample holder for 10x10mm cuvettes. The clamp sample holder on the other hand enables fixation of test glass samples and thin foils. Photo-luminescent samples can be stimulated through the measurement ports e.g. using a laser. Electric wires can be added through the hollow axle of the sample holder to operate the sample for measurement of the organic electroluminescence.

Reflection coating made of barium sulfate 

The UPB-150-ARTA is coated with Gigahertz-Optik‘s self-manufactured diffusely reflective barium sulfate (ODP97) coating. The multi-layer coating ensures good diffuse reflective properties over the entire usable spectral range. 

UPB-150-ARTA multi-port integrating sphere with Slide & Fix system for mounting of the accessories
Alignment of the five measurement ports of the UPB-150-ARTA enables universal use of the sphere.
The front side of the port plugs, port reducers and sphere surface are at the same level and thus ensure an almost ideal reflection surface
The UPB-150-ARTA is fitted with a revolving sample holder for cuvette and plate samples for absorbance measurement applications.
The upper sphere port is closed with a spherical port plug so as to perform reflection, transmission and luminous flux measurements.
Light trap for absorption of directed proportion of the reflection at 8°/d measurement setup as well as the transmittance of transparent samples. Can be combined with port reducers and sample holder.
Exchange of cuvettes
Typical spectral reflection of the sphere coating made of barium sulfate (ODP97).
UPB-150-ARTA, base sphere with stand
UPB-150-ARTA-Z01, detector port adapter with baffle aligned to the sphere center. UMPF-0.5 port frame
UPB-150-ARTA-Z03, revolving base for the cuvette and clamp sample holder
UPB-150-ARTA-Z04, cuvette holder. Hollow post
UPB-150-ARTA-Z05, clamp holder for test glass and foils. Hollow post
UPB-150-ARTA-Z06, plug for the upper sphere port. Spherical plug shape
UPB-150-ART-Z01, port plug with flat surface
UPB-150-ART-Z02-3, 3mm port reducer
UPB-150-ART-Z02-15, 15mm port reducer
UPB-150-ART-Z02-35, 25mm port reducer
UPB-150-ART-Z03, sample holder
UPB-150-ART-Z04, light trap
UPB-150-ART-Z05, 0.5“ detector mount with baffle
UPB-150-ART-Z06, 1.0“ detector mount with baffle
UPB-150-ART-Z07, 2.0“ detector mount with baffle
UPB-150-ART-Z09, port plug with spherical surface
UPB-150-ART-Z10, port reducer with spherical surface. Free diameter as specified
Short description

Five port integrating sphere for universal use in tansmission, reflection and asorption measurement application in the 300 nm to 2500 nm spectrum.

Main features

Barium sulfate coating. Sphere machined out of solid material. Therefore very precise spherical shape, position of the application ports and finish of the knife edges of the application ports. Turnable sample holder for cuevette and sheet samples. Accessory for the application ports with Slide&Fix mounting System. Detector port with baffle.

Measurement range

Diameter: 150 mm (6 inch)

Coating: Barium sulfate. Spectral range 300 nm to 2500 nm

Application ports: five, 30 mm diameter with knife edge, post for Slide&Fix accessory

Detectorport: exhange able Adapters with baffle

Absorption sample holder: Turnable. Adapter for 10 mm x 10 mm cuevett. Clamp for sheet samples 

typical applications

Spectrophotometer. Other Transmission, reflection and Absorption measurement set-ups.



Sphere diameter

150 mm


ODP97 based on barium sulfate

Measurement Port Diameter

30 mm

Knife edge thickness

0.5 mm

Number of measurement ports


Angle tolerance of port setup

± 0.1 °


Two detachable posts for the Slide & Fix system per port


Upper and lower port: 45 mm respectively 30 mm with circumferential frame (Ø = 58 mm) with lateral V-notch


Bench-top stand with base plate


Approx. 1.1 kg

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Datasheet UPB-150-ARTA PDF
Dimension UPB-150-ARTA PDF
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15298251 UPB-150-ARTA

Integrating sphere with stand. Application ports with S&F Posts.

15298253 UPB-150-ARTA-Z01

UMPF-0.5 detector adapter with baffle aligned to the sphere center

15298252 UPB-150-ARTA-Z03

Revolving base plate for the sample holder

15298422 UPB-150-ARTA-Z04

Cuvette holder

15298423 UPB-150-ARTA-Z05

Clamp holder

15298582 UPB-150-ARTA-Z06

Port plug for the upper port, spherical shape

15297567 UPB-150-ART-Z01

Port plug. Flat surface with ODP97 coating.

15297568 UPB-150-ART-Z02

Port reducer. Port diameter as specified in 0.1mm steps. Flat surface with ODP97

15297496 UPB-150-ART-Z02-3

Port reducer. 3mm port. Flat surface with ODP97 coating.

15298810 UPB-150-ART-Z02-10

Port reducer. 10mm port. Flat surface with ODP97 coating.

15297497 UPB-150-ART-Z02-15

Port reducer. 15mm port. Flat surface with ODP97 coating.

15297498 UPB-150-ART-Z02-25

Port reducer. 25mm port. Flat surface with ODP97 coating.

15297569 UPB-150-ART-Z03

Sample holder

15297570 UPB-150-ART-Z04

Light trap

15297571 UPB-150-ART-Z05

UMPF-0.5 detector adapter with baffle.

15297572 UPB-150-ART-Z06

UMPF-1.0 detector adapter with baffle.

15297573 UPB-150-ART-Z07

UMPF-2.0 detector adapter with baffle.

15298198 UPB-150-ART-Z09

Port plug with spherical surface

15298199 UPB-150-ART-Z10

Port reducer. Port diameter as specified in 0.1mm steps. Spherical surface with
ODP97 coating.