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Photometry to determine key material properties

Key material properties collectively refers to reflection, transmission and absorption. The term photometry refers to measurement processes for determining these material properties using a absorption photometer.

Integrating sphere photometer

In broadband and narrow-band photometry, integrating spheres are used for diffuse sample illumination or detection of reflected and/or transmitted light.

Light absorption in fluids

In order to metrologically examine light absorption in fluids, samples are usually put in specially designed containers called cuvettes and placed at the center of the integrating sphere.

UMBB-210-M-C20 integrating sphere with cuvette holder

The UMBB-210-M-C20 is an example of the high flexibility level in designing integrating spheres using our modular integrating sphere concept. The sphere has a sample holder for cuvettes with a 20mm diameter that can be easily fixed from below using the Slide & Fix sample holder at the sphere center. The upper sphere port enables illumination of the sample. It is shadowed from the sample by a baffle. A baffle is also used to shadow the laterally arranged measurement ports from the sample.

Reflective coating made of barium sulfate

The UMBB-210-M-C20 is coated with Gigahertz-Optik‘s self-manufactured ODP97 barium sulfate diffusely reflective coating. The multilayer coating guarantees excellent diffuse reflective properties over the entire usable spectral range.

Complementary products and services

For further enhancement of the UMBB-210-M-C20, Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide range of port adapters and sphere accessories which include light sources. It can be connected with radiation detectors and light meters for various applications.

215 mm dia preconfigured integrating sphere
UMBB-210-M-C20 integrating sphere with cuvette holder
A baffle is used to shadow the sample placed at the sphere center from direct illumination by the light source.
Sphere diameter

215 mm / 8.5 inches



spectral range



UMSS-BT-210 - modified version

Sample holder

Slide & Fix holder with sample holder for cuvettes with a 20mm diameter. The holder allows for axial rotation of the cuvette up to 90o.

Light Source

UMPF- LSOK30 port frame on the upper side of the sphere with a baffle for shadowing the sample

Detector port

Two UMPF-0.5 port frames with a baffle for shadowing of the sample.

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Datasheet UMBB-210-M-C20 PDF
Datasheet Dimensions UMBB-210-M-C20 PDF
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LS-OK30 Light source for use with the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: External source for LH-F series halogen lamps up to 100W. Diffuse reflector with ysnthetic coating. Fan fo active air-flow lamp socket cooling.

LS-OK30-VA Variable aperture for use with lamp LS-OK30.

Features: High resolution manual drive.

BTS256-LED Compact Bi-Tec measurement device for the measurement of total luminous flux of single LEDs.

Features: Cone-shaped measurement port with implemented integrating sphere, auxiliary lamp for substitution correction, spectral radiant power, color temperature, CRI, chromaticity coordinates, etc.
UMPA-0.5/11 Port adapter for use with UMPF-0.5 port frame of the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: To attach TD-11, PD-11 or VL-11 detectors and UFC-11 fiber connectors. Optional diffuser window.
UFC-11 Fiber adapter for use with UP and UM type integrating spheres.

Features: SMA, FC, SC and ST connectors.
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15298509 UMBB-210-M-C20

UMBB-210-M-C20 base sphere

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