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UMBB-100-D-SEF integrating sphere detector for side emitting fibers:
Base sphere with 100mm / 4 inch diameter

Modular integrating sphere concept

The modular integrating sphere concept from Gigahertz-Optik offers a high flexibility level when it comes to individual configuration of integrating spheres. In addition to the various components such as port frames, baffles and sockets that can be directly mounted onto the integrating sphere, numerous other accessories are offered for configuration of application-ready integrating spheres and integrating sphere measurement systems.

Approved standard configurations

Despite the great flexibility of our modular integrating sphere concept, many of our customers mostly opt for the approved standard configurations or use these as a template for their own customized sphere designs. Standard configurations allow for shorter delivery times since extra construction time is thereby avoided.

UMBB-100-D-SEF modular concept integrating sphere

The UMBB-100-D-SEF is used as a base sphere for setting up of integrating sphere detectors to measure the radiant power from side emitting light guides. The side emitting light guides are, except for a 10 mm long section, completely light-tight. A baffle prevents direct illumination of the detector port.

Reflective coating made of barium sulfate

The UMBB-100-D-SEF is coated with Gigahertz-Optik‘s self-manufactured ODP97 barium sulfate diffusely reflective coating. The multilayer coating guarantees diffuse reflective properties over the entire usable spectral range.

Complementary products

For further enhancement of the UMBB-100-D-SEF, Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide range of port adapters and sphere accessories. These can be connected with radiation detectors and light meters for various applications. In addition, the Gigahertz-Optik calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurands performs traceable calibrations of the integrating sphere radiation detectors.

The laterally radiated power is measured through a 10mm long section of the light guide
Sphere diameter

100 mm / 4 inch



spectral range

350 nm - 2500 nm




max. fiber diamterer: 2 mm

Detector port

UMPF-0.5 (0.5 inch)




To the sphere center

Type Description File-Type Download
Datasheet UMBB-100-D-SEF PDF
Datasheet Dimensions UMBB-100-D-SEF PDF
Produktname Product Image Description Show product
VL-1101 + UMPA-0.5-11-RD Detector head Module detector head for the measurement of photopic illuminance in Lux [lx].

Features: UMPA adapter for usage with integrating spheres, for the usage with optometers and amplifiers, calibration certificate

PD-11 series Detector head with DP-11 mount.

Features: modular detector for use with integrating spheres, front lenses etc, Si, SiLP, InGaAs, SiC, GaP photodiodes, for use with optometers and signal amplifiers

Article-Nr Modell Description Request / Compare
15298506 UMBB-100-D-SEF

UMBB-100-D-SEF base sphere

100886 UMPF-0.5

Extra SMA connector

100924 UMPA-0.5-11

Extra SMA connector

100929 UFC-11-SMA

Extra SMA connector

100887 UMPF-1.0 port frame

Extra port e.g. for auxiliary lamp

100933 UMPP-1.0 plug

Extra port e.g. for auxiliary lamp

15297366 PMS-P14-95 post


15297365 PMS-S25-14 stand


102703 PMS-B-150 base plate