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In UV curing applications requiring deep curing of adhesives and lacquers, radiation in the UV-A and blue (visible) spectral range is used to excite the photoinitiators. UV radiometers for applications in which LED technology is used for object irradiation must be designed and calibrated in such a way to ensure that the irradiance is correctly measured for the spectral emission range of the LED.

Product description
RCH-016 irradiance detector

The RCH-016 UV detector was specially developed for use in UV radiation curing with UV-A LEDs. It offers all the features and functions of the RCH series detectors . Its spectral responsivity covers the wavelength range from 360 to 450 nm and thus applications for deep curing of adhesives and lacquers.


The detector is calibrated for 6 typical UV LED wavelengths in terms of its spectral irradiance responsivity and is supplied with a factory calibration certificate that corresponds to the high standard of the measurement laboratory for optical radiation measurement quantities of Gigahertz-Optik. If necessary, a test certificate accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 can optionally be created for the detector with the associated measuring device.

Typical spectral sensitivity (relative) of the RCH-016 detector

Relative spectral sensitivity of the RCH-016 detector together with typical UV LED emission spectra

RCH-116 detector with flexible light guide

Short description

UV detector for measuring the irradiance in UV curing with UV LEDs
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Main features

Detector for the high UV radiation levels in UV radiation curing. Large safety distance between the handle and the radiation sensor of the detector. For use with all gigahertz optics measuring devices.
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Measurement ranges

Spectral responsivity 360 nm to 450 nm.
Linear measuring range from 0.1 mW / cm² to 40,000 mW / cm² with measuring device X1-1

typical applications

UV radiation curing with medium pressure lamps


Calibration of the spectral irradiance responsivity in A / (W / cm²) for 6 typical UV HLEDs wavelength. Factory calibration certificate of the measuring laboratory of the Gigahertz-Optik. Optional DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited test certificate

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