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ODM98 is commonly used as reflectance standards (flat surface) for the calibration of:

  • Spectrophotometers
  • Imaging System Pixel Uniformity
  • Reflectance Meters
  • Surface Color Meters

ODM98-MD are plates in disc shape with surfaces machined to a flat optical finish. Gigahertz-Optik GmbH stocks different sizes of 10.5mm thick discs. For OEM applications custom sizes, shapes and thicknesses are supplied.

BN-R98 Reflectance Standards are ODM98-MP plates or ODM98-MD discs supplied in a protective housing with removable cover. Gigahertz-Optik GmbH stocks different sizes of BN-R98 reflectance standards in disc and plate shape. All standards can be supplied with optional spectral reflectance calibration from 250 nm to 2400 nm in 50nm steps. Calibration is done with a double-beam spectrophotometer in 8/d measurement geometry using reflectance standards traceable to national calibration laboratories. For OEM applications custom sizes, shapes and housings are available.

optical properties

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Datasheet ODM98-MD PDF
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15296600 ODM98-MD-1.25 (MD01)

31.75 mm  Ø x 10.5mm

15296601 ODM98-MD-2.0 (MD02)

50.8 mm  Ø x 10.5mm

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