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The LS-OS1.5-LED3 can be set-up with up to seven either similar or different Golden Dragon type LEDs from Osram manufacturers. The LEDs can either be wired in groups or individually. Each LED has a heat sink. A diffuser window in front of the LEDs  optimizes the diffuse light input in the sphere.

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UMPF Port frames for the hollow spheres of the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: Different diameters. Frame with V-groove for accessory mount.

LPS-20 Precision LED power supply.

Features: With 1500mA and up to 24V. Fine tuning of LED current or voltage with high resolution 16bit D/A converter. Measurement of the variable measurands with 16A/D resolution in volt or ampere.
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15298189 LS-OS1.5-LED3

Housing. Heat-sink for 7 LEDs with fan.