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Modular integrating sphere concept

The modular integrating sphere concept from Gigahertz-Optik offers a high flexibility level when it comes to individual configuration of integrating spheres. In addition to the various components such as port frames, baffles and sockets that can be directly mounted onto the integrating sphere, port adapters with different functions are also offered.

Variable apertures for intensity regulation

When high stability of the luminous flux and emission spectrum are required, halogen lamps and semiconductor light sources such as LEDs must be operated at constant electric power. The best way to regulate the intensity levels is therefore to use adjustable apertures to allow for the required effective luminous flux in the sphere through fine-tuning of the port openings.

LS-OK30-VA variable aperture for the LS-OK30 module light source

The LS-OK30-VA will be mounted between the LS-OK30 module light source and the UMPF-LSOK30 port frame. The two-plate design together with the high resolution manual drive ensures a high resolution over the entire usable range of operation. The apertures plate coating is well suited for the high temperatures from the halogen lamps.

Variable aperture for a wide dynamic range

The LS-OK30-VA can be used with the LS-OK30 filter exchange holder. This combination makes it possible to extend the intensity adjustment dynamic range using holes-pattern attenuation filter.

More complementary products

Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide range of port adapters, light sources, radiation detectors and light meters which can be combined for various applications.


Manually adjustable aperture for the LS-OK30 module lamp

Light Output Port


Stray Light



High resolution setscrew with 30 turns


Naturally anodized aluminum


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Datasheet LS-OK30-VA PDF
Datasheet Dimensions LS-OK30-VA PDF
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LS-OK30 Light source for use with the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: External source for LH-F series halogen lamps up to 100W. Diffuse reflector with ysnthetic coating. Fan fo active air-flow lamp socket cooling.

UMPF-LSOK30 Port frame for use with the lamp LS-OK30.

Features: Optional diffuse window for use between LS-OK30 and the sphere.

LS-OK30-FH Filter holder for use with lamp LS-OK30.

Features: Housing for exchangeable filter mounts. For use with 50mm dia up to 3mm thick filter.

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100976 LS-OK30-VA Manually adjustable aperture for the LS-OK30 module lamp