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Holes-pattern attenuating filters reduce the luminous flux throughput through aperture size reduction with evenly distributed holes. The hole-to-gap ratio determines the light throughput. Perforated attenuating filters do not influence the luminous spectrum. The filters are available in the LS-OK30-FHI filter holder with attenuations of OD0 (100%), OD1 (10%) and OD2 (1%).

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Datasheet LS-OK30-HPA PDF
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LS-OK30-FH Filter holder for use with lamp LS-OK30.

Features: Housing for exchangeable filter mounts. For use with 50mm dia up to 3mm thick filter.

Article-Nr Modell Description Request / Compare
101919 LS-OK30-HPA-1

OD1 Holes-pattern attenuation filter in LS-OK30-FHI insert.

101920 LS-OK30-HPA-2

OD2 Holes-pattern attenuation filter in LS-OK30-FHI insert.