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The LS-OK30-FH enables installation of neutral and/or correction filters between the LS-OK30 light source and the integrating sphere. This makes intensity change in different levels or spectral influence on the luminous spectrum possible. Due to the extremely high temperatures of the halogen lamps, not all filter designs are appropriate. The 50mm diameter filter with a 3mm maximum width is placed in type LS-OK30-FHI filter pocket. This enables tool free filter change. The filter holder can be combined with the variable baffles.

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Datasheet LS-OK30-FH PDF
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LS-OK30 Light source for use with the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: External source for LH-F series halogen lamps up to 100W. Diffuse reflector with ysnthetic coating. Fan fo active air-flow lamp socket cooling.

UMPF-LSOK30 Port frame for use with the lamp LS-OK30.

Features: Optional diffuse window for use between LS-OK30 and the sphere.

LS-OK30-VA Variable aperture for use with lamp LS-OK30.

Features: High resolution manual drive.

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101011 LS-OK30-FH

Filter holder for LS-OK30-FHI filter frame inserts.

101014 LS-OK30-FHI

Filter frame insert for LS-OK30-FH.