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Radiant power is the total emitted radiation of light sources such as spot lamps. To measure radiant power the emitted light from the source must be detected independent of emitted direction. For lamps that emit light in all directions a light integrator such as an integrating sphere or a goniometric scanner is required.

Gigahertz-Optik’s calibration laboratory offers calibration of beam emitter light sources over a restricted power range. Consult the factory to discuss your requirements.

Integrating Sphere for Spot Lamp Measurements
Integrating Sphere for Laser Power Measurements
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Spectral Radiant Power of Spot lamps. Contact the factory to discuss calibration details.


Spectral Radiant Power of monochromatic, directional emitting light sources within the wavelength range 350 to 1100 nm. Maximum beam diameter 10 mm. Maximum power 1000 mW. Factory calibration certificate


Set-up charge for non-Gigahertz-Optik sources

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