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Calibration of current sensitivity

Gigahertz-Optik’s optometers are built around precision multi-gain range current amplifiers to process the light detector signal. All optometers are calibrated and certified using a variable current source which itself is calibrated by an outside accredited calibration laboratory. Correction factors are calculated based on the calibration values and used to adjust the display readings at each gain range. This current calibration is offered as a re-calibration service for all of the different Gigahertz-Optik optometers. Calibration uncertainty and traceability information is supplied in the factory calibration certificate. 


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Datasheet K-xx-C PDF
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P-9710 High-quality device for measurement of CW-, single pulse and modulated radiation.

Features: Optometer for all detector heads with calibration data plug. Measurement modes: CW, pulse energy, dose, peak-to-peak, effective luminous intensity (Blondel-Rey), data logger, battery, main power, RS232
X1 Four-channel USB optometer designed for mobile use.

Features: Compact device for use with all photometric, radiometric, colorimetric, plant-physiologic and photo-biologic measurement heads from Gigahertz-Optik. USB interface. Battery operation or power supply USB.
X1-RM Optometer in 3HE housing for use in 19” racks.

Features: Its USB and RS232 remote interface and two additional RS232 device interfaces make the device highly flexible when it comes to system integration. Its four signal inputs enable use with all photometric, radiometric, colorimetric, plant-physiologic and photo-biologic measurement heads from Gigahertz-Optik.
X1-PCB Optometer module.

Feature: The X1 optometer is available as a printed circuit board either with or without a housing and is suited for applications that do not require a keyboard or display. Four signal inputs enable connection with all measuring heads from Gigahertz-Optik.
X1-3 Optometer for the measurement of UV and Blue-light hazard of artificial radiation source.

Features: for usage with XD-45-H type detectors, compatible to standards IEC/EN 62471 and EN 14255-1 as well as guidelines 2006/25/EC and IEC TR 62778, mobile, battery operation, USB interface.

X1-4 Broadband radiometer for radiation protection measurements of UV radiation devices.

Features: Mobile ligh meter for UV radiation while working with artificial UV (UVSV). Erythema effective irradiance and detection of UV-C radiation in accordance with the UV protection Act for solaria. UVSV, DIN EN 60335-2-27 and DIN 5050-1:2010-01 conformity.
X-2000 Compact light meter for the long term logging of irradiance data in mobile use.

Features: compact and lightweight, battery powered device with a large data memory. Different executions for the recording of UV Erythema, ICNIRP and UV-C-@-254-nm effective UV radiation dose.
X9-1 Photometer for illuminance and luminance.

Features: Mobile light meter with illuminance and luminance detector for use with polychromatic radiation sources. X9-1-US version for measurement of the illuminance in fc and luminance in fL.
X9-2 Broadband radiometer for polychromatic high-power UVA light sources.

Features: Mobile light meter for high intensity UVA irradiance. Simple to use in UV curring applications. For use with polychromatic radiation sources.
X9-3 Broadband radiometer for LASER power.

Features: Mobile light meter. Flat Profile 7mm dia aperture detector or compact integrating sphere detector. 400 to 1100nm spectral range.
X9-4 Broadband light meter for for luminous flux and radiant power.

Features: Mobile light meter. Integrating sphere detectors with photometric or radiometric 400-1000nm responsivity. Integrating spheres with 50mm dia. For use with polychromatic radiation sources.
X9-6 UV-A and UV-B broadband radiometer.

Features: Mobile meter. Detector head for UV-A and UV-B irradiance from polychromatic UV sources and UV-B311nm irradiance from TL-01 radiation sources in phototherapy.
x9-7 Broadband radiometer for irradiance.

Features: Mobile meter. Detectors with different bandwidths and spectral ranges to select. For use with polychromatic radiation sources.
X9-11 + X9-11u 254nm UV-C Radiometer.

Features: Mobile meter. Measurement of 254nm UV-C irradiance from disinfection lamps (UVGI = UV Germicidal Irradiance Effective Radiation) and UV-C-EPROM erasing lamps.
P-2000 Two-channel optometer.

Features: For use with most photometric and radiometric detectors supplied by Gigahertz-Optik. Modes: CW, pulse energy from both single and multiple flashes, effective luminous intensity (Blondel-Rey), data logger and others.
P-9801 Eight-channel optometer.

Features: State-of-the-art 8 channel laboratory optometer with a signal amplifier and sample & hold ADC per channel for clocked recording of the measurement signals. RS232 and IEEE488 interface. Trigger input and output.
P-9802 Light meter for laboratory use with up to 36 measurement heads.

Features: For use with up to 36 photometric and/or radiometric measurement heads. RS232 interface.
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Current calibration and adjustment of Gigahertz-Optik optometers. xx = model number. Factory calibration certificate