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A homogenous light source for camera calibration and pixel uniformity check has been
designed. The product is based on a integrated sphere type ISS-19P. The light sources
which are controlled by three LPS100-RM. The intensity of these can be adjusted
by variable apertures. The absolute measurement of the intensity is
measured by a X1-RM reference detector.

Output port has a diameter is 3”
Intensity range from 0 cd/m² up to 60000 cd/m²
Inhomogeneity is smaller +/- 0.25 %
Relative calibration uncertainty is ± 2.0 %


+/- 0.25 %


± 2.0 %

Port Size



(0 to 60000) cd/m²

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15298634 ISS-19P-103117

Integrating sphere source