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The combination of holes-pattern attenuating filter with a variable aperture is suitable when the light intensity of an integrating sphere light source should be adjustable within a large dynamic range at constant color temperature. The holes pattern attenuation filters are used to change the intensity levels in steps. The holes-pattern attenuation filter is changed using the filter wheel in the beam path between the light source and integrating sphere. The FW-170-6×2 can accommodate a total of up to six filters each with a 50mm diameter. RS232 interface.

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LS-OK30 Light source for use with the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: External source for LH-F series halogen lamps up to 100W. Diffuse reflector with ysnthetic coating. Fan fo active air-flow lamp socket cooling.

UMTB-170 Hollow sphere of the UM series modular construction integrating spheres.

Features: 6.7 in / 170 mm dia. Sphere with base. 97% barium sulfate coating.

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15297792 FWVA-6x2-RM

Filterwheel, variable aperture, two stepping Motor drives.