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Calibration standards 

Calibration standards enable the calibration and correction of measurement instruments to absolute measurement quantities. Calibration standards provide a reference signal corresponding to the measurement quantity to be calibrated. The reference signal of the calibration standard is calibrated in the respective measurement quantity. The calibration of the measurement instrument is performed by comparing the measurement signal of the measurement device with the standard specifications in the calibration certificate. Deviations are compensated for by comparison the measurement instrument accordingly. 

Spectral irradiance 

The spectral irradiance [W/m²·nm-1] is important for qualification of the incident radiant flux of a reference plane. Spectralradiometers are the typical measurement devices for the spectral irradiance. Calibration of the spectralradiometer is done using a calibration standard lamp for the irradiance.

BN-0001 calibration standard lamp 

Gigahertz-Optik GmbH offers the BN-0001 calibration standard lamp for applications where vertical alignment of the calibrating device is required. This has a 1000W DXW quartz halogen bulb for the usable spectral range between 250 and 2500nm. The lamp is firmly fixed into the socket. The electrical contact is installed through braze-welding. This sophisticated mounting and electrical connection ensures maximum position accuracy of the lamp and maintains a constant electrical resistance at the contacts. The standard lamp connection is done using robust ceramic terminal strips. Each standard lamp is burned-in before it is calibrated. The suitability of the lamp as a calibration standard is assessed based on its burn-in behavior.

BN-001Z-01 crosshair 

The BN-0001Z-01 crosshair is fastened onto the socket of the standard lamp using dowel pins. It enables precise alignment of the measurement instrument during calibration of the standard lamp and the calibrating measurement devices to the same point of the lamp filament.

Traceable factory calibrations 

The factory calibrations of the spectral irradiance from 250 to 1100nm are performed by Gigahertz-Optik’s calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurement quantities. The calibrations are traceable to calibration standards of Gigahertz-Optik’s calibration laboratory that is accredited by ISO/IEC 17025 (D-K-15047-01-00). Calibration and results of the calibration are confirmed by a calibration certificate conforming to the ISO 17025 specifications. 

Typical emission spectrum
BN-0001 with BN-0001Z-01 crosshair
Light Source

DXW quartz halogen lamp @ 3100 K

Power Supply

1000 W

Power Supply

115 V


8.000 A

typical irradiance

measurement distance 50 cm

@ 250 nm

0.18 mW/m²

@ 1100 nm

219 mW/m²

@ 2500 nm

No calibration offered from 1100 nm to 2500 nm

operation position



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Datasheet BN-0001 PDF
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15295602 BN-0001-1

Calibration standard lamp, 1000 W lamp, burn-in certificate.

15295603 BN-0001Z-01

Transparent target.

15296233 BHO-09

Universal hard-top casing for BN-0001.
Required for shipping of the BN-9101!

15309549 K-BN0001-E-S-V01

Calibration of the spectral irradiance 250 nm - 1100 nm, factory certificate.

15309550 K-BN0001-E-S-V02

Calibration of the spectral irradiance 250 nm - 1700 nm, factory certificate.

15310615 K-BN0001-E-S-V03

Calibration of the spectral irradiance 250 nm - 2500 nm, factory certificate.

15310614 KK-BN0001-E-S-V01

Calibration of the spectral irradiance 250 nm - 1100 nm, DAkkS certificate.

15310616 KK-BN0001-E-S-V02

Calibration of the spectral irradiance 250 nm - 1700 nm, DAkkS certificate.

15310617 KK-BN0001-E-S-V03

Calibration of the spectral irradiance 250 nm - 2500 nm, DAkkS certificate.

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