TFCT25 - TFCT25 - Measurement of Light Guide Transmission Properties


We have developed the TFCT25 transmission measurement setup with one main application in mind:
the measurement of a light guide’s transmission properties. A number of elements are required in order to fulfill this task:

  • A high resolution spectral radiometer (BTS2048-VL-TEC) is able to measure the spectral properties, luminous flux and color of a light source.
  • Since light sources and light guide come is many different shapes an integrating sphere is required which collects the emitted light.
    Exchangeable apertures allow the creation of tailored fittings for each light source and light guide shape.
  • A power supply is included. Its triggering function allows the emission of short light
    pulses and their synchronized measurement via the spectralradiometer.

Sample holders with magnetic bases allow the flexible positioning of light guides with complex shapes while still allowing their stable fixture.
A magnetic steel table top is recommended for their use.

For detailed information you'll find the Video here: TFCT25 or via Youtube






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