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Dieses Produkt ist abgekündigt, bitte kontaktieren sie uns bei Interesse. Eine Alternative ist z.B.: X1.

The X91 (Xnine one) meter plus VL-3704-4 and/or LDM-9901-4 light detector forms a compact hand-held photometer for both illuminance (lux)* and luminance (cd/m²)* measurement in general lighting applications. The X91lightmeter design features separate meter and cable connected detector heads one for illuminance and one for luminance measurements. * SI units of measurement

Illuminance Meter

The VL-3704-4 Illuminance detector is fitted with a precise photometric correction filter and cosine diffuser. It’s V(λ) spectral sensitivity matches the DIN CIE standard f1’ error to equal or better than 5% meeting the DIN Class B specification. Its 20 mm low profile height allows measurement close to the reference level.

Luminance Meter

The LDM-9901-4 Luminance detector is designed with a chromatically corrected lens for a measurement distance independent V(λ) match of f1’ error equal to or better than 5% to the DIN CIE standard. Its field of view is 1.1° with a measurement distance range 40 cm to infinity. To target the object to be measured, the LDM-9901 has a notch and bead sight which has marks for near and far field distances.

Compact Size for Mobile Use

1 meter is a hand-held battery operated meter with 9 mm high character LCD display for easy viewing. Its high linearity current to voltage amplifier offers automatically (Manual?) selected gain ranges. Operating the X91 is simple. Once set-up all settings are stored and recalled on next power-up unless settings are changed. The light detector connected is recognized by the meter and set to the associated measurement quantity. The meter is operated by a standard 9 V battery.

Measurement in footcandles and footlamberts

The US version of the X91 (Xnine one) meter plus VL-3704-4 and LDM-9901-4 light detector measures illuminance in footcandles (fc) and luminance in footlamberts (fL). 

Custom Labeling Welcome 

Large Digital Display with Measurement Unit and indication of cw or peak hold measurement mode
Model X91-US for Measurements in Footcandles and Footlamberts
LDM-9901 Sighting Principle

Compact size hand-held housing


6 character LCD, Character height 9mm. Indication of measurement quantity, cw or peak measurement mode, stop, battery low.


ITT (-4) type connector. Connected detector identification (VL-3704-4 and LDM-9901-4 only)

CW Integrationszeit

500 ms


0.166 Hz to >300MHz

Spitzenwert Haltung

Peak measurement value frozen on display. Erased with reset button. Peak mode indicated on display


Via RS232 interface


2 keys, menu system


RS232, 9600 Baud, 8 8D pin plug Hirose type 3260-8S1, Power supply option recommended for remote control operation


operating: 5 to 40°C, storage: -10 to 50° C


Lens diameter 20mm, cable length ? m / ??? g


9V one-piece battery, operating time about 100 hrs
Operation from AC plug-in power supply 230V/50Hz on option by erase of battery

VL-3704-4 1)

Illuminance detector with cosine diffuser

f1' (spektrale Fehlanpassung)

≤ 5 %

f2 (cos getreue Bewertung)

≤ 3 %

LDM-9901-4 1)

Luminance detector with 1.1° field of view, notch and bead sight for object targeting


0.4m to infinitive




12 months


0.5 to 199999 lx with 0.01 lx resolution


2.5 to 199999 cd/m²


for more detailed specification please check the datasheets of the VL-3704 and LDM-990 detector heads

Typ Beschreibung Datei-Typ Download
Datenblatt X9-1 PDF
Produktname Produktbild Beschreibung Zum Produkt
VL-3704 Messkopf zur Messung der photopischen Beleuchtungsstärke in Lux (lx).

Features: f1 ≤ 5 %, f2 ≤ 3 %, 20pA/lx, 20mm hoch, zur Verwendung mit Optometern und Signalverstärkern, Kalibrierzertifikat

LDM-9901 Messkopf zur Messung der Leuchtdichte in cd/m².

Features: 1,1° Messfeldwinkel, einfache Handhabung, sehr geringes Streulicht, zur Verwendung mit Optometern und Signalverstärkern, Kalibrierzertifikat.

Artikel-Nr Modell Beschreibung Merken / Vergleichen
15295674 X9-1

Meter with battery and manual

15300700 K-X9n-C

Electronic calibration of X9 series meters

15300692 K-VL3704-I

Illuminance calibration of VL-3704

15300377 K-LDM9801-I

Luminance calibration of LDM-9901


Illuminance detector with calibration certificate


Luminance detector with calibration certificate

15295377 VL-37-Z01

Adapter with bubble level for use as stand or tripod mount

15295367 LDM-9901-Z01

Adapter plate to mount the LDM-9901 onto standards tripods

15295917 LDM-9901-Z02

Ambient light shade for LDM-9901

15295289 X9-Z01

RS232 interface adapter cable to connect X9 series meters with 9PIN SUB-D standard sockets to PCs

15295531 X9-Z02

External power supply for X9 series meters including meter modification (cancels battery operation)

15296383 X9-Z05

Plug-in power supply for AC operation of X9 series meters. Connects to RS232 socket of the meter (prevents remote control operation via RS232 interface). 100VAC - 240VAC; 5VDC

15295292 BH0-04

Hard case to carry and store one X9_1 or X1_1 with one of VL-3704 and LDM-9901

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