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TD-11VL01 temperatur controlled module light detectors with photometric V(λ) responsivity

Cost Effective Application Solution

VL-1101 Photometric Light Detector

TD-11VL01 Temperature Stabilized Detector

VL-1101 with Compact Size Integrating Sphere

VL-1101 with UMPA-0.5-11 & UMPA-0.5-11-RD

VL-1101 with PD-11Z-01 Front Lens Adapter
Modular light detectors are designed to be combined with optics and mechanical components to configure complete light detection assemblies for a specific light measurement application. A mechanical interface is provided to make mounting or adding other components easy and flexible.

Photometric Detector for use with Compact Integrating Spheres

The VL-11 series detectors with a diameter of only 11mm are compact in size and fit the DP-11 interface directly or can be mounted to most Gigahertz-Optik integrating spheres using an adapter.

The VL-1101 is a modular photometric detector with an accurate CIE V(λ) spectral match. It is most commonly used with integrating spheres for total flux measurements or as monitor detector on integrating sphere light sources.

Front Lens Adapter for Luminance Measurements

The application range of the VL-1101 detector can be extended for luminance measurement using the add-on PD-11Z-01 front lens.

Temperature Stabilized Light Detector

The TD-11VL01 photometric detector features thermo-electric temperature stabilization where the detector is heated up to a controlled operating temperature of 50°C. The most common use for the TD-11VL01 detector is with integrating spheres where housing temperature increases during operation. The control electronics are housed in a separate case and powered by a plug-in power supply.

Traceable Calibration

Optional calibration is available by Gigahertz-Optik’s Calibration Laboratory for Optical Radiation Quantities.

Model Spectral
f1 Sensing Area Typical
Imax Temp.
VL-1101 V(λ) ≤ 5% 1.1 mm Ø 0.3nA/lx 1mA 5 - 40 2m -1,-2,-4
V(λ) ≤ 5% 1.1 mm Ø
90pA/lx 1mA 5 - 40 2m -1,-2,-4
V(λ) ≤ 5% 2.65mmØ
20.14mm from front
48pA/(cd/m²) 1mA 5 - 40 2m -1,-2,-4
TD-11VL-01 V(λ) ≤ 5% 2.7x2.7 mm 2.1nA/lx 1mA 5 - 40 2m -1,-2,-4
UMPA-0.5-11 Port adapter with DP-11 interface for use with UMPF-0.5 port frame of UM series integrating spheres
UMPA-0.5-RD RADIN diffuser window assembled into UMPA-0.5-11
PD-11Z-01 Front lens adapter for use with VL-1101 and TD-11VL01 detector heads
KDW-P2-01-I Calibration of integral illuminance responsivity in A/lx using tungsten halogen reference lamp adjusted for 2856K at 1600 lx.
KDW-P2-02-I Add-on calibration to KDW-P2-01-I at additional illuminance level (selectable in 100 lx steps from 100 to 3000 lx)
K-TD11VL01-I Calibration of the integral illuminance responsivity in lx
K-VIS-SR Calibration of the relative spectral responsivity
KDW-P Calibration of the integral photometric responsivity of VL-1101 or TD-11VL01 in
combination with accessories

Purchasing Information
Model Item No. Item No.
-1 Con.
Item No.
-2 Con.
Item No.
-4 Con.
VL-1101 - 101242 101710 101848 Detector without Calibration
TD-11VL-01 - 100985 101814 101815 Detector without Calibration, Power Supply
UMPA-0.5-11 100924 - - - Detector Adapter
UMPA-0.5-11-RD 101291 - - - Diffuser Window
KDW-P2-01 301286 - - - Optional Illuminance Calibration, Calibration Certificate
KDW-P2-02 301302 - - - Optional add-on Calibration, Calibration Certificate
K-VIS-SR 301208 - - - Optional calibration of the relative spectral responsivity
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