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Measurement with Light:

Light Meters for Optical Properties of Materials

LCRT-2005-S for portable light transmission measurement of thin non-scattering samples. Spectral measurement in the visible wavelength range with simulated illuminant A and D65 illumination and photometric V(λ) detection. LCRT-2005-S+850 for transmission measurement in the visible and at 850nm. LCRT-2005-SIS for use in stationary set-ups. Accessory for extended measurement application:

  • diffuse transmission component of thin scattering test samples
  • regular in-line transmittance of scattering and non-scattering test samples

ISMP-50-R-V01 for light reflectance measurement following the DIN 5036 T3 8/d measurement geometry.

The GBMP-DAR-V01 goniometric bench enable the measurement of photodiodes angular response at 850nm. Other wavelength are available.

Applications, Technical Notes

Our handbook Measurement of Light and Measurement with Light discusses the characteristics of light and optical radiation, describes relevant measurement units and measurement techniques and explains the integrating sphere and its typical applications.